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The client journey


What we do & how we do it

Natural family photography in an outdoor setting is what we specialise in. That setting could be your garden, a favourite forest walk, a river bank or a quiet stretch of beach.

The key to photographing outside is the sense of freedom and adventure. Particularly for younger children. It really pays to let them run around - you always get the most natural, spontaneous and excited expressions! And we work quickly too, taking you quickly from from location to location. No one will have the chance to get bored.

A family photoshoot with us is £595 for any location in central Scotland, from Edinburgh to Glasgow. We are also very happy to travel further afield, e.g. Aberdeen, Borders, Englandshire, provided studio days, travel (and/or accommodation) expenses covered.


The photoshoot fee is for the photoshoot time itself. Frames, prints and product pricing below. 

The client journey

1. Get in touch! Tell us more about your family and if there's a special reason for the photoshoot. A reunion or a celebration. Or just because a photoshoot is well overdue. Let's talk about some locations.

2. On the day of the photoshoot (1 to 2 hours), we'll meet at the location of your choice. The photoshoot will be lively, brisk, inventive, creative and fun for the whole family.

3. One week after the shoot, we'll meet up for a 1-2-1 viewing & ordering session. We call it 'The Reveal'. This is where you decide what to buy. Ask as many questions as you like about our menu of products as you like. We have frames, digital files, folio boxes that we'd be delighted to show you. 


We find that our typical client spend is between £2k - £5k. 

Fireplace wall Maine medium frame   blac


We absolutely believe that family pictures should be framed and up on display in every home so that they bring happiness every single day. Which wall do you want to fill? Our framed prints start at £750 depending on the size of frame.


Folio Box

A brilliant tactile way to keep, share and enjoy your  most favourite pictures. Pass them around! Our picture boxes start at £1250 for a collection of TEN prints. Excluding delivery.

Digital Files & Prints

High resolution images files can be purchased at £150 per image. Minimum purchase of four.

Loose prints are £125 each for a 10 x 7in print (our smallest print size). Minimum purchase of four.

We will be delighted to gift you the 'low' resolution digital version of each image you buy (watermarked). These will be perfect quality for sharing on Facebook and social media. 

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