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The client journey


What we do & how we do it

Fun family photography in a beautiful outdoor setting is what we do. That beautiful setting could be your very own garden, a favourite forest walk, a golden field or a quiet stretch of beach. When it comes to choosing a special location for your photo-shoot, let your imagination run wild (we can help you with our own favourite scenic locations, if you get stuck). The key to being outside in the open air is the sense of freedom and adventure compared to an indoor studio. Particularly for younger children. It really pays to let them run around and let them run and play - you always get the most natural, spontaneous and excited expressions! The only thing to be mindful of is that these moments of magic are fleeting. But we're used to that! So you'll find that we work quickly, we move from location to locations at a brisk pace. No one will have the chance to get bored. Photographing quickly and keeping everyone in high spirits is the secret to what we do.

The cost of a family photo-shoot with us is £595 for locations within 20 miles of our home in Rosyth, Scotland. This is for the photo-shoot itself with prints and products being extra. See below for price information on our prints and products.

Your client journey

1. Firstly, let's talk! Tell us why you want a family photo-shoot and how you want to enjoy your family pictures. If possible, pop over in person and we chat over a coffee. Let us show you some of our products, our frames, albums and folio boxes. 

2. On the day of the photo-shoot, set aside 1 to 2 hours plus travel time. We can go longer or wrap it up sooner, to suit you and especially the younger members of the family. The emphasis will be on flexibility and creating a fun experience for everyone. If we find a location where everyone's happy, then we might do the whole shoot there. We'll see!

3. One week after the shoot, we'll invite the adults to a 1-2-1 viewing & ordering session (if you are not living abroad). We call it 'The Reveal'. Always fun and always emotional. Bring your hankies. We'll ask you to have a wee think beforehand about which of our products most interests you. There is no minimum spend, no maximum and certainly no hard sell. Typical client spend is between £2k and £10k+, particularly where multiple frames and folio boxes are involved. 

Fireplace wall Maine medium frame   blac


We absolutely believe that family pictures should be framed and up on display in every home so that they bring happiness every single day. Which wall do you want to fill? Our framed prints start at £750 to £4950+ depending on the size of frame, excluding delivery.


Folio Box

A brilliant tactile way to keep, share and enjoy your  most favourite pictures. Pass them around! Our picture boxes start at £1250 for a collection of TEN prints. Excluding delivery.

Digital Files & Individual Prints

High resolution images files can be purchased at £150 per image. Minimum purchase of four.

Loose prints are £125 each for a 10 x 7in print (our smallest print size). Minimum purchase of four.

We will be delighted to gift you the 'low' resolution digital version of each image you buy (watermarked). These will be perfect quality for sharing on Facebook and social media. 





What We Do









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