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Our beautiful picture box is how we will present your family pictures to you when you order ten or more prints; archival photographic prints inserted into textured white mount-board for immaculate presentation and safe keeping. Yes, actual physical touchy feely photographs for you to hold, share, hand around, linger over and enjoy!

And while we offer digital image files as well, there’s no doubt about it – when it comes to properly enjoying beautiful family pictures that mean the world to you, nothing will ever beat having the actual photographs in your hands.

In two years time, five years time, ten years time, our picture box will absolutely and undoubtedly be one of THE most treasured possessions in your home. It will become priceless.

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Take a sunny day, a garden and a lovely family and you have just about everything you need for a gorgeous family portrait. We’ll do the rest!

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If it’s raining outside and the show must go on, then a big, bright bay window is really all we need. Don’t get me wrong, I’m always going to suggest getting your wellies on afterwards and splash around in as many puddles as possible! But it just goes to show that if provided you have lots of light, provided the wee ones are in a good mood (and you have a good ol’ sprinkling of Forest Light stardust) beautiful family portraits are inevitable 🙂

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To compliment our Mother & Daughter portrait earlier, we thought we’d show a Father & Son portrait. Again, photographing the portrait outside makes for a far more fun, informal and lighthearted feel to the shot. If this is not a forever picture, I don’t know what is! You don’t have to wait until Father’s Day to get in touch and book a photoshoot with us 🙂

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We were delighted to pop into the Balmoral Hotel in Edinburgh to photograph a forever family picture for Vanessa Mills to celebrate her mum’s 80th birthday. We absolutely love photographing these family gatherings. There’s such a sense of occasion. And as photographers we know that professional family pictures like these are the ones which will be treasured and handed down through the generations. And we take so much pride in that.

…couldn’t resist a fun one too 🙂