It’s not everyday that you get to spend proper quality time with your family. So when the opportunity comes along, grab it with both hands! As family photographers, one of our favourite things is to do photograph families on their weekends off, down on the beach. For small children, being by the sea is always a fantastic and varied adventure with so much to keep their senses occupied. And when the wee ones are having fun, the parents are happy. And that’s when the best family pictures happen. When’s your next free weekend? PM us and let us know ๐Ÿ™‚


And here’s how we recommend you enjoy the beautiful family pictures we create for you…up on the wall ๐Ÿ™‚


Professional Headshots Scotland

Congratulations! Now that the graduation photos are sitting proudly on the mantlepiece, it’s time for your professional business headshot to take you forward into a brave new world! If you’ve graduated this year, PM me and receive ยฃ25 OFF your headshot photography session with us (normally ยฃ85). This special offer is for the month of August only so get your skates on! (If you know of any recent graduates who might benefit from this offer please like or share this post)!

It’s one thing to take a beautiful family picture. It’s another thing entirely to enjoy it every single day! That’s why we will always prioritise our framed enlargements when we talk to our family photography clients about how best to enjoy their pictures. Get it up on the wall ๐Ÿ™‚

Choosing the right background for your LinkedIn profile headshot can really make it ‘pop’ off the page and catch the eye! The design of LinkedIn is, on balance, high key; the colour palette is light, clean and contemporary. So opting for a darker, lower key background for your LinkedIn headshot-in-a-circle will dramatically increase the visual impact and make for a far more pleasing and balanced ‘look’ to that particular portion of your LinkedIn landing page. Imagine a cream coloured room with cream coloured sofa’s and cream coloured furnishings; it’s just too much โ€“ there’s no visual contrast to hold the interest of the creative eye. For that reason, I personally would steer away from a pure white background, if the sole purpose of the headshot is for LinkedIn.

Here are some background types which we’ve used recently for our business headshots and a few thoughts on their effectiveness.

  • Low key, repeating patterns โ€“ has the advantages of being low key (dark) with the added visual interest of a repeating pattern in the background e.g. horizontal or vertical blinds etc. Lends itself very well to corporate sector, banking and finance.
  • Light grey or off white background โ€“ my default background of choice if the client has not specified a preference. Contrasty enough to still be striking as your LinkedIn headshot and neutral enough to fit in with most branded colours should the client also decide to use it on their own website / trade journals / PR purposes etc.
  • Pure white background โ€“ clean, contemporary and neutral. If the colour palette on the page on which it will be used provides enough contrast, then it’s a popular, solid choice.
  • Company’s own brand colours โ€“ possibly the most appropriate headshot background choice. All of your team’s headshots will be, in corporate speak, ‘on point’! Whether it’s purple or lime green or cherry red, you can’t go wrong with your own brand colours.

Looking forward to a busy summer of horse photography! We’d love to team up with selected livery yards and stables so we can offer their members special rates on group bookings. Do you know anyone? Message me or call 07710-446447