Outdoors for everything!

Jill had initially wanted graduation photos with a difference. And maybe also some lovely family pictures to include hubby Jason and wee Darcy, their cutest little white West Highland terrier. Could we maybe combine everything together (graduation pictures / pet photography / family photography) into a one hour long photoshoot? Of course! Immediately I thought ‘this shoot has to be outdoors’. It’s my default response when people ask for location ideas because if there’s one thing I’ve learned with any photoshoot involving families, pets or children, if you give them the freedom to roam and play in the open air, amazing pictures will automatically happen. It’s no secret. There’s no way you can plonk a child (or a westie) onto a posing stool, surrounded by four white studio walls and get a natural expression from them.

The Forest Light way to photograph families is to head on outdoors, to wherever your favourite place is, and for you to simply relax, have fun and play! Immerse yourself, jump in with both feet and thoroughly enjoy the hour long photoshoot. We want our time spent together to be one of the most memorable highlights of your month if not your year. Down on the beach with sunshine and blue skies and a gentle sea breeze blowing is always a fantastic choice and we have our own favourite stretch of sand along East Lothian, perfect for family photography. So what are you waiting for? Let’s go!

If you had an amazing time on the photoshoot itself, the framed pictures always mean so much more 🙂