Family Photography


Quality time with your family is so precious. However you choose to spend it, it could be an autumnal walk through the forest or laying down by the river or ambling along your favourite stretch of beach. Tell us YOUR special place, we’ll meet you there with our cameras and help you capture a wealth of beautiful memories to treasure forever. Our outdoor family photography sessions start at £125 depending on location and they normally last an hour, leaving you to enjoy the rest of the day however you like. Our focus will always be on keeping the photography as relaxed, informal and light-hearted as possible because if there’s one thing we’ve learned after 17 years of photographing families; the best pictures happen when people are having fun 🙂



Once all the pictures are ready to view, come and enjoy a coffee with us! Choose your very favourite pictures and decide which ones you’d especially like us to frame for your living room or bedroom wall. We’ll do the rest! We live in a digital world where everyone has a mobile phone and they fill them thousands upon thousands of blurry pictures that will probably never see the light of day. We want to be the antidote to the camera phone curse where people think they are capturing special family moments but in reality they are simply collecting thousands shaky snaps, most of which will end up deleted or forgotten about. Or lost.



We are passionate in our belief that high quality family pictures are incredibly important to everyday family life, to your future years and for future generations. Most of all, we believe that beautiful family photography should be on constant view and enjoyed! Framed family pictures should be up on every wall of a happy home. That’s why our entire focus as a professional photography business is on producing the highest quality photography AND getting those same images professionally framed so that you can enjoy your pictures every single day. Our framed pictures start at £495 (frame size 27x21in). Tell us the different wall spaces in your home that you want to fill and we’ll recommend some frame sizes and styles to suit.


Our Babyparts frame is one of our favourite frames. Perfect for any nursery!

We offer individual pictures too at £85 each. All our individual pictures are 10x7in prints and they come ready-mounted in white mountboard for rigidity, safekeeping and immaculate presentation.