This atmospheric shot of a 1957 Chrysler Windsor is ideally suited to being printed big & professionally framed.

At Forest Light Studios, we have the classic car bug pretty badly! When it comes to appreciating classic, prestige and performance cars, you’re either get it or you don’t. We do. You’re either mesmerised by the curves and the automotive beauty of bygone eras or you’re not. We are. Either the hairs on the back of your neck stand up when you climb into a perfectly restored interior, sink into the seats and smell the soft leather or they don’t. Ours do. Beauty captured in print doesn’t rust! It will never fade. That’s why classic cars and photography are a perfect match.

There’s loving the car you drive and then there’s really loving the car you drive! 🙂

Book us now so we can capture the beauty of your classic car forever. Our professional car shoots are £195 and last an hour at a location of your choice. As well as the full length shots, we’ll highlight all the lines and curves and angles and all the little details that made you fall in love with the car in the first place. We always take time to find out what you love most about owning it and the driving adventures you’ve enjoyed together. Why? Because every little story you share is something we can use to personalise the photography so we can create pictures that really reflect how you feel about your car.

Jaguar E-Type photographed at Brooklands Museum

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We’re equally at home shooting shooting performance cars like this gorgeous Porsche 911.

After the photo-shoot, give some thought to how you want to display these pictures. Our first recommendation will always be to have them framed and up on the wall to be enjoyed everyday. Our framed enlargements start at £495. We can go as large as you like and it really depends where in your home you’re going to hang it. Simply measure up the wall space you want to fill and we’ll give you a quote for the right size frame. If you want something less traditional and more contemporary, maybe consider one of our metallic Wall Panel designs (below) for hanging up in your living room or hallway.

Here’s our Wall Panel design for a gorgeous 2009 Morgan Plus 4.

Wall panel design of a 1957 Chyrsler Windsor