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About us

We are David Ho & Sandie Knudsen and we are professional family photographers based in Rosyth, just across the bridge from Edinburgh. Between us we have over 20 years experience photographing families, all over Scotland. The one thing we both passionately believe is that each and everyone of us should exist in print – not only for the benefit of our children but for our children’s children. In today’s world, everything happens so fast, Days and weeks and years blur into one and the importance of documenting our lives and the people we love is something that is forgotten. Often until it’s too late. Without a doubt family photography is absolutely the most valuable gift we can give to ourselves and future generations.

So our advice to you is to make time for it now. Invest in family photography now. Because in 2 years time, 5 years time, ten years time, you’ll be so incredibly grateful you did, that it’ll be beyond measure. Those family pictures will be among the most treasured of your possessions. They’ll be priceless.